Urge Immediate Passage of H.R. 4215

Current Medicare payment policy threatens patient access to life-saving bone marrow and cord blood transplants.  We need your help to urge Congress to pass pending legislation that would fix this problem.

Medicare rates do not cover the costs of providing a transplant. The financial losses incurred by transplant centers to treat Medicare patients threaten the viability of transplant centers to treat Medicare beneficiaries. Patients who do not have access to transplant will face expensive, likely futile alternative treatment options. These transplants are the only curative therapy available for patients with one of more than 70 diseases/conditions for which a transplant is indicated.  In most cases, not receiving a transplant will lead to the patient’s death.

The Congress is considering legislation that would require the Medicare program to pay hospitals for the acquisition of cells in the same way it currently pays hospitals for the cost of acquiring solid organs.  It is important to fix this problem now, before transplant centers begin having to turn Medicare beneficiaries away.

Make your voice heard:  Urge your Members of Congress to tell Congressional leaders to immediately pass into law H.R. 4215, “The Protect Access to Cellular Transplant (PACT) Act,” to protect access to bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cell, and cord blood transplants. 


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Advances in transplant medicine allow for patients over 65 to benefit from life-saving transplants. Unfortunately, Medicare payment policy does not fully cover the cost of providing blood and marrow transplants to these patients.

As a result, hospitals are losing thousands of dollars on each Medicare patient they treat. 

HR 4215, the PACT Act provides a solution.

Protect access to life-saving treatments by co-sponsoring H.R. 4215 today