Urge Congress to cosponsor H.R. 4215

The financial losses incurred by transplant centers to treat Medicare patients threaten the viability and stability of transplant centers and may result in programs closing, creating possible access to care issues for Medicare beneficiaries. Patients who do not have access to transplant will face expensive, likely futile alternative treatment options. In most cases, the lack of a transplant will result in death.

Currently, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) provides a single payment for inpatient bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cell and cord blood transplants, which includes the donor search and cell acquisition costs. Cell acquisition costs vary based on clinical factors as well as cell source. After obtaining the cells, hospitals have very few dollars from the Medicare payment left over to cover the remaining cost of the inpatient stay, which averages 27 days.

Please contact your Members of Congress today! Urge them to cosponsor the Protect Access to Cellular Transplant (PACT) Act, H.R. 4215 to update Medicare payment policy for bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cell and cord blood transplants.

Urge your Members of Congress to cosponsor H.R. 4215


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